SQLDay 2019 – Day 2

Tuesday is the day when SQLDay starts. The doors are opened from 8am but the show begins with a keynote at 9am. This year the keynote talk was done by former Microsoft employee Michał Żyliński. Michał has been working for 11 years for Microsoft and works for Google now. He was talking about the Clouds….

Then the show started… Five sessions running in parallel, different technologies, but all about data.

Now you see something that is usually not seen. Speakers preparing the sessions, working on questions for the evening contest, testing the code… This is how the speaker room looks like all day long.

The whole reason speakers work so concentrated before their sessions is because they would like to give the best talks performing on the stage

The second day of the conference is fully packed with technical sessions. The good thing is that the sessions will be available on the DataCommunity youtube later.



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