Interview with Aaron Bertrand

I have met Aaron at SQLDay 2016. He arrived with Grant Fritchey.

Aaron delivered his workshop and two great sessions that days. He also visited Poland and attended SQL Day 2019. I hope this is not the last time Aaron was in Poland and he will be frequent speaker on this conference.

The reason I am saying this is because Aaron has a great talent to show very complex things in an easy way. He focuses in T-SQL bad habits and best practices on his blog. I really like his posts because everything is clear there – Aaron likes to test, to measure performance under different conditions and then he can guide you what to do or how to write the query. This knowledge is unique and this is what also makes Aaron a true community leader.

If this is not enough for you – Aaron serves as a community moderator for the Database Administrators Stack Exchange.

He is also the guy who can tell you everything about SentryOne Plan Explorer – we all use the tool, right?

Aaron’s blogs – and

Aaron’s twitter –

Here you can hear the interview!

Interview with Aaron

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