Interview with Greg Low

I first met Greg during European PASS Summit back in 2008 in Neuss. Greg has already been running his podcasts for few years so for me he was (and of course he is now) a mentor. A year later I became MVP and Greg was the first person to congratulate me on Facebook. I invited Greg to visit Poland and to run wrokshop for SQLDay 2017 in Wrocław. He responded immediately and we met once again on the conference! We had a lot of opportunities to talk about the IT and I was impressed once again.

Greg is a long-term Data Platform MVP, a Microsoft Regional Director, and the Principal Mentor for SQL Down Under in Melbourne, Australia. Greg is best known for his SDU Tools (Developer and DBA toolkits), and for his SQL Down Under podcast. He is the author of a number of whitepapers on MSDN, articles at SQL Server Pro, and several books.

I deeply regret that the MCM program was cancelled back in 2013. I was trying to prepare myself (together with fellows MVP’s Marcin Szeliga and Łukasz Grala) for this exam. I deeply regret because Greg was one of the trainers (along with Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal) and I was not able to attend in the trainings.

Now you will be impressed – take a while for this interview as Greg said a lot about the past and the future and what the future might be. I especially love his explanation about how secure is the Azure Cloud.

Greg’s blog –

Greg’s website with tons of tools and podcasts –

Greg’s twitter –

Here you can hear the interview!

Interview with Greg

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