SQLDay 2019 – day 3 (last)

SQLDay 2019 has come to an end. Three days with workshops, technical sessions, networking and knowledge. All done by community for community.

I think this is the reason the conference we have met for the 12th time. Things have changed over the years but it was and will be a community event. As you see world class speakers are really willing to come to such events no matter where are they from. The SQLDay has hosted speakres from Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and there are plans to invite speakers from other continents as well.

The conference has been officially closed. There is one more contest we do every time. It is called Szelor’s contest by the name of the creator – Marcin Szeliga. There are 15-20 questions during the contest and people can vote on one of two options. Only one person who knows answer to all questions can survive and win cool stuff.

This is the most important moment during the closing ceremony. The speaker who has already been choosen for workshop and lectures. This year Erik Darling has been announced. Here you can find the promo video he has prepared

Well, that’s it! SQLDay 2019 is a history now but we are looking forward for SQLDay 2020!


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