Weekly reading #5

Last week was busy the busy one. The SQL Bits, SQL Server CTP 2.3 and other great stuff have come into the light! SIt tight and read about it!

SQL Bits resources

The biggest SQL Server and Data Platform conference in March. Yes, in March, because you should visit Wroclaw in May during the SQLDay conference hosted by DataCommunity.PL. However take a look into a set of videos that are already available on the SQL Bits page!

[Forum] StackOverflow for CosmosDB

I have been recently looking for StackOverflow forum about CosmosDB. Found it! Here it is in case you need help or – what is more important -be a contributor there!

[Video] SQL Server 2019’s new Accelerated Database Recovery

It is now a perfect time to learn SQL Server 2019. It will be relased shortly and new features like Accelerated Database Recovery are in scope! Brent explains how cool it is !!!

New Objects, Columns, and Messages in SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.3

Warning!!!! Brent shows ***UNDOCUMENTED*** stuff!! For sure it will be documented at some point but now you can read all about it from his post.

[Video] An intro to Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK 3.0

Kirill Gavrylyuk joins Scott Hanselman to discuss new improvements for Azure Cosmos DB SDKs, including the new, idiomatic .NET SDK with friendlier, more intuitive programming model, better testability, better performance, .NET Standard 2.0 support, and now open sourced

This is all for today. Ah! Here is where you can find the offcial SQL Server 2019 documentation!


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