Weekly reading #6

Coding Family is late this week with the blog post! It is due to heavy storms and wind! It started on Sunday evening and was on Monday as well. Now, as the electricity (more less) is back and the wind is no more 100 km/h I can start blogging!

How Your Hypervisor Can Impact Your CPU

Monica Rathbun explains an unusual case where third-party hosting provider had overallocated virtual processors on the physical host where SQL Server VM were started. That was causing query performance degradation and very high CPU.

[Demo] sqlworkshop

Buck Woody has given a great present for all of us! Like for Christmas! But we have March already. Nevertheless go there and pick the code!

Using Indexing To Solve Blocking and Deadlocking Issues

Do you think that you can actually solve a deadlocks with indexes? Read about the details!

The Case of the NULL Query_Plan

What would you do if your query plan is so big so it cannot be displayed or grabbed in SQL Server Management Studio? Here you find the resolution!

SET Statistics IO Update in SQL Server 2019

Niko Neugebauer is excited about what he has found in the SQL Server 2019 CTP. It is a feature that has never been mentioned before. I am excited, too. It is a good chance you will love the new feature!

Coding Family attended ITechDay in Warsaw

More details come soon! Including the deck and code! We talked famous “Mushroom Session – Eat or Die!”



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