Weekly reading #7

It is MVP Summit time! I have not made it this year unfortunately. I hope all MVPs have a greate week with the product teams in Seattle. Now take your time and read the weekly readings!

[Video] ADF Mapping Data Flows: Alter Row Transformation

15 minutes video about how to use Alter Row in ADF Data Flows for insert, update, delete, and upsert merges.

Power BI Desktop March 2019 Feature Summary

Amanda Cofsky presents a monthly feature summary about PowerBI desktop. This month you can read about single select slicers, heat maps and new DAX functions (and many more).

How to implement custom synchronization to optimize for higher availability and performance

As you know Azure Cosmos DB offers five consistency levels for you to balance the tadeoff between consistence, performance and availability. This article shows how can you configure a custom synchronization to achieve higher availability and performance

Missing indexes in the Query Store

Grant Fritchey has prepared a query that allows you to find missing indexes just by analyzing the data from the query store. Not trivial task as you need to analyze an XML but Grant did that for us.

Lock Promotion In Parallel Plans

Erik Darling shares his thoughts about lock promotion in the SQL Server – especially when you have parallel plans.

The March release of Azure Data Studio is now available

Alan Yu has announced a new version of the Azure Data Studio. There have been new things added this month like PostgreSQL extension, SQL notebooks, PowerShell extension, SQL Server DACPAC extension and updated SQL Server 2019 Preview extension

This is all for today! Some more excitemenst will be shared this week

Stay tuned!


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