Weekly reading #23

New week has started and apart from the usual information from the data world I would like to share one more. The Machine Learning topic published last week has had over 20k (20 000) views so far! Thank you!

What’s new in SQL Server 2019 preview

This must be on the top of my list for this week. The reason is obvious – we all do wait for the RTM version of the new SQL Server. In this release it is the new command-line utulity released called azdata. You will use for big data cluster administration.

Do not forget about the Java Runtime in SQL Server! It is there!

Why We Don’t Truncate Dimensions and Facts During a Data Load

I have been working with Meagan and was under huge impression about how easily she explains complex things! In this article she shares her thoughts on the truncating tables pattern in the Data Warehouses

The Data platform has evolved – so too must the DBA

Hamish says that the DBA still plays important role in the organization but there are changes… everything changes so do the DBA!

[Video] Tips for Improving Your Presentation Skills (DataGrillen 2019 Session Recording)

Cathrine is one of the most infuencing people for the #SQLFamily community. I do really like the way she presents so I was delighted to look at this video!

The Curious Case of… why the transaction log has to be zero-initialized

Paul writes and interesting series of blog posts where he answers the non-trivial questions he has been asked. This time about transaction log initialization and why it must always be zeroed!



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