Weekly reading #22

A little bit late but it is here! It is Wednesday already and we are preparing for #DPS2019 which will be in August in Bangalore. Meanhwile I received another (#12) MVP recognition disk. So proud to be part of the #SQLFamily and #MVP’s!

Now onto the readings!

[Video] Demo: Building the world’s biggest database at Microsoft Inspire 2019

The first thing you can find here today is a great demo about building the world’s biggest database at Microsoft Inspire!

Sargability: Why %string% Is Slow

Classic post from Brent. The post is kinda old (9 years) but suprisingly everything is still true!

Will SQL Server Always Do Index Seeks on Numbers?

Once again a message from Brent. The question is tricky, isn’t it? Can SQL Server seek on numbers only? Maybe there are other ways? Check it out.

Froid vs Freud: Scalar T-SQL UDF Inlining

Niko has entered the world of pain… He has touched examples about the slowness on table valued functions. He has explained a new featured called UDF Inlining

[Github] SQL2019 Lab

This is the place you must visit! This is the place where you can start playing with SQL Server 2019 new features! Lot of code written by Bob Ward!



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