Weekly reading #14

SQLDay starts in a week! Stay tuned during this week as it could be full of surprises! We are ready & prepared and speakers start to arrive next Saturday!

You should read these six great articles while waiting for SQLDay!

How Much Memory Does SSIS Need?

Tim Mitchell can tell you about that. My first guess was “It depends”. Brent says “all”. I think we might be right! What I like in this article is that you have the explanation how SSIS uses memory, how it is related to SQL Server memory, what about parallel task execution etc. You should definitely read it!

Minimal Logging with INSERT…SELECT into Heap Tables

I love Paul White articles because he has the unique ability to explain details in a very basic way. Plus lots of code and examples. This time Paul explians that is not that easy to have minimal logging with INSER-> SELECT into a heap.


Rob Farley will be one of the star speakers during the SQLDay in Wrocław next week. In one of previous articles he explains that GROUP BY is a better option than distinct. In this article he comes up with explanation that you can see that GROUP BY and DISTINCT might not be the same.

Where should I clean my data?

James Serra has written a nice article with a question – where should you clean the data? What if you have SQL Server database which loads data to Azure Data Lake and then loads to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

No, this is not a bug in T-SQL

Gail Shaw tells a story of a misunderstanding T-SQL code. People getting an unexpected result when working with a subquery, typically an IN subquery. They think it’s a bug. Check out what they do wrong!

Are your CPU-intensive queries running slowly? Check your VM type

Brent says it is easy to overlook the CPU speeds if you build a VM for SQL Server in the cloud (Azure VM, Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine). In his article he says what to do if you see high CPU usage .

This is all for today!



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