Weekly reading #13

#13, #13, #13 – that must be a good week! This firs week of May we call a “long weekend” as we have at least 2 days off! This is good because SQLDay is just around the corner and we still have a lot of work to do! But now – onto the readings!

Filtered Indexes and INCLUDEd Columns

Rob Farley will be doing a workshop and giving lectures during the SQLDay in two weeks. In this article he dig deeper into filtered indexes and the columns used in this types of indexes.

SSMS v18 and Azure Data Studio: The Golden Age of SQL Server Tooling

Brent spreads the news again. Why are we so lucky having SSMS and Azure Studio? Check it out!

Why Plan Cache Scripts Can Be Misleading

Erik Darling explains why sometimes you might get tricked by the plan cache plans. Do you know about the fake locks or d’evils? No? Go and check!

What if the Actual Execution Plan was always available for any query?

Pedro Lopes says that now you can have actual execution plan for every query. The SQL Server CTP 2.4 (by the way – new SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.5 can be reached now here) has a DMF named sys.dm_exec_query_plan_stats and from there you can reach the last actual plan for every query.

Why You Shouldn’t Use an Intel Xeon Silver Processor for SQL Server

I have used Glenn Berry‘s advices about the hardware for SQL Server installations since many years. In this blog he shows why you should care about the processor type you are going to use.

P.S. Do not forget to visit our Interview page! More to come soon there!



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