Weekly reading #12

It was an Easter Monday yesterday and I thought it was not a good time to prepare a blog post. It was a time to rest with the family and that why the four days were very lazy. However now we have Tuesday morning and new articles are waiting for you!

Budgeting 101 for SQL Server database administrators

This post is 13-years old but it is still valuable. I have just come up with the probem how to explain what we need to think about when preparing a good budget for a database server. Brent did this for us….

Power Query Memory Usage, Dataflow Container Size And Refresh Performance

Chris Webb has written an article about a new settings in Power Query which was briefly mentioned few weeks ago.

Building Azure SQL Db with Terraform using Azure DevOps

Rob Sewell has posted a long article about building an Azure SQLDatabase with Terraform. I advic eyou to go to his previous article as well where he covers how to create a Resource Group.

TigerToolbox is avilable!

Pedro Lopes shares the Github repository with Tiger Toolbox! You can find the new version of BPCheck and other as well!

The Curious Case of… how to find FILESTREAM info from an MDF

This time Paul Randal helps in finding a FILESTREAM info from an MDF file. Which means the database is detached. Great blog series!

I will be presenting online session on Thursday evening at 8PM CET explaining why queries are slow. Here is the link.




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