Weekly reading 10#

New week has started. 1/2 of the Coding Family Team has exams at school today. We were all busy last weeks…. But now it ends! And this must be a good week! Cross fingers!

New Page Functions in SQL Server 2019

Here you can find a short description of two new functions: sys.dm_db_page_info (the replacement to the good old DBCC PAGE) and sys.fn_pagerescracker.

Calculating Elapsed Times

Do you like to run? How to calculate elapsed time? These are the questions (and the solution) you can find in this article. Well, the question about running is not answered yet.

Creating Machine Learning models in Power BI

Automated Machine Learning for Data Flows is now available Power BI! I have used it during the #GlobalAINight and it was really impressed. In this article you will find information about how to do it! In PowerBI!

High-Throughput with Azure Blob Storage

Is it something we could use with SQL Server in Azure? Yes! The article says about the demo that was presented at the Microsoft Ignite (HTBB demo of 12.5GB/s single blob throughput at Microsoft Ignite)

Using xEvents to capture an Actual Execution Plan

Extended Events have been present in the SQL Server for a while. Pedro Lopes shows how to grab an actual execution plan with XE and why you should do it that way (and not by SQL Server Profiler)



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