Weekly reading #4

It is spring around the corner but we do not know where the corner is. All I know it is Monday morning. Again. However you can find here a lot of useful reading just right for Monday morning!

Treat All Sensitive Data as Important

Do you think all data in a company is important? Maybe some of them are not? Steve Jones elaborates about that in his article. Warning – GDPR will be used!

Displaying filter context in power bi tooltips

Marco Russo describes how to display the filter context applied to a calculation using a special DAX measure in Power BI Tooltips.

[Video] Azure Cosmos DB

This is an official Microsoft channel on the YT that has dozens of videos about Azure Cosmos DB.

Stairway to MDX

Series of 15 articles (so far) about the Multidimensional Expressions language which is dedicated to the OLAP databases. You can learn how to use it starting from a very simple expressions

The Curious Case of… copying FILESTREAM files between tables

This time Paul Randal answers a question – is it possible to create a table with a FILESTREAM column and then populate that column by copying FILESTREAM files from another directory in the FILESTREAM data container. Guess the answer and read the detailed explanation on his blog.

A Sudoku Solver for Ordinary folk

Sudoku and SQL Server. SQL Server and Sudoku. A little bit different approach to the Sudoku game. It is definitelly worth to read!

[Interview] Interview with Uwe Ricken

Here it is – our first interview! Our first guess was Uwe Ricken – SQL Server Master from Germany! Uwe was so kind and spend time with us in Kraków during SQL Saturday #824.



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